The glorious warm sunset hues of the ‘Majorie’ rug, paired with its intricate patterns and design, give this piece incredible depth of character.

This exceptional vintage Beni M’Guild rug was hand woven using traditional techniques that are typical of Moroccan artisans, and that have been passed down through generations.

High quality and in excellent condition, the ‘Majorie’ rug has a unique geometric motif design that holds intrigue its every fibre. Stunning dusty pinks, apricot and creamy shades make up the base of this rug, which features detailed pattern elements in muted tones caramel and buttery brown. A luxurious, sheen like appearance makes this rug a truly special piece.


“Our products feature distinctive characteristics and tell their own unique story, inspired by their maker. Features typically found in these vintage pieces include uneven edges, natural fading and minor repairs. It is these imperfections and wear patterns which add to the character and charm of each piece.”