A luxurious rug with a soft, durable deep pile, ‘Lueur’ encapsulates the enchanting spirit and magic of Morocco, while it’s playful design and textural beauty adds warmth and comfort to any space.

Set amongst a creamy apricot base sits playful geometric motifs in muted tones of blue, brown, cream and apricot, while
striking indigo coloured feature tassels add to the considered detail. It’s naturally aged patina and luxe deep textured pile is beautiful under foot.

Created to tell its own story unique to its origin, each rug uses techniques shared throughout generations and has lived a
life prior to its purchase. Filled with symbolism and colour, this one-of-a-kind piece is breathtaking in its own right!


Size: 175cm wide x 360cm long (including fringing)
Origin: Rhamna
Circa: 1970s
Composition: 100% natural wool

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“Our products feature distinctive characteristics and tell their own unique story, inspired by their maker. Features typically found in these vintage pieces include uneven edges, natural fading and minor repairs. It is these imperfections and wear patterns which add to the character and charm of each piece.”